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Expected Behaviour Policy

Billingshurst Surgery is committed to providing a high quality of care to our patients. The relationship between the patients and all staff working in the surgery is an important issue to us and is a two-way process. Therefore, in order to protect both the staff and other patients, we have a zero tolerance policy and respectfully point out that the following inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated:

  • Loud and intrusive conversation or other noise
  • Offensive language, verbal abuse and swearing
  • Offensive remarks of a racial, sexual or personally derogatory nature
  • Offensive, threatening or aggressive gestures and/or actions
  • Invasion of personal space
  • Physical assault, including unsuccessful contact and near misses
  • Damage to practice property or that of other patients
  • Theft of practice property or that of other patients
  • Reckless behaviour that could result in harm to others
  • Inappropriate behaviour involving alcohol or substance misuse

Such behaviour has a marked effect on staff and other patients and therefore, where such behaviour is observed, we reserve the right to withdraw from treating the patient and ensuring removal of those involved from the premises. A patient displaying such behaviour may also be removed from our list and without appeal.

We also ask that mobile phones are switched off whilst you are on the premises and that appropriate dress should be worn e.g. no bare chests/feet in the summer please.



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