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COVID-19 Vaccination FAQ


Has the recall begun for patients of Billingshurst Surgery?

Yes, As of late December patients started to be recalled to receive their COVID-19 Vaccination. Each time a delivery is made to the vaccination site more patients within the eligible cohorts will be contacted.

Who is being recalled?

As per government and NHS guidelines we are recalling patients in priority order starting with patients aged over 80.

Please click here for more information from the NHS website on who is being vaccinated & in what priority.

How will I be recalled?

At present we have been doing this via telephone. However, as the vaccination program expands it is likely that we will need to alter this (Letter/SMS) in order to reach all the patients more effectively.

How much notice will I be given when I am recalled?

It is hard to say, we do not order the stock. We get notified when a new stock delivery is confirmed, this can be just a few days before it arrives. Once this happens we begin inviting patients to fill the amount of vaccinations being sent for our patients. Depending on the notice we are given this can vary from around 10 days to as little as one day.

Can anyone help me get there?

Yes, if you can't get there yourself / no friends and family available to bring you, Billingshurst Community Transport will try to help get you there.  You can contact them on 07999 981547. Please give them as much notice as possible as it is a volunteer run group.

Is it true that patients are receiving vaccinations at sites other than Billingshurst surgery?

Yes, due to restrictions in transportation of the vaccination it can only be delivered to selected sites across the UK. To ensure patients did not miss out, surgeries grouped together allowing all the patients in a surgery group to have access to the vaccination through one site.

What about patients who would struggle to travel that far?

We are hopeful that as soon as we are able to vaccinate on site we will. The news last week of the Oxford vaccination has bought that a step closer, and it is something we are currently reviewing. If/when there is a change we will update this page.

Why can't you vaccinate the whole cohort at once?

We do not "order" the vaccinations as such, a delivery date and amount is given to the vaccination site. Once this is received the vaccinations are divided up amongst the group of surgeries and patients are recalled in the cohorts set out by NHS England.

Should I contact the NHS/Surgery to make sure I will be getting my vaccination?

No, do not contact the surgery about getting the COVID-19 vaccination unless asked to.

If in time as further waves of patients are vaccinated you feel you have been missed, for example when we move to vaccinating wave 2 and you feel you were in wave one, then it would be fine to contact us to discuss.

I'm a front line health care worker will you be inviting me?

At present front line health care staff are being vaccinated via local hospitals. The hospitals have organised online booking into the clinics. More information on how this is working can be found here.

Despite the hospitals offering the vaccination, It is still important that you make sure we are aware of your profession if you are considered a front line healthcare worker. If you would like to quickly update us please use the contact us section's comments/complaints form on this website.

Examples of frontline healthcare workers include (but not limited to):

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Social Care
  • Pharmacists
  • Midwives
  • Paramedics
  • Opticians
  • Podiatrists

If you are unsure if your profession would count as a frontline healthcare worker please double check with your professional body or employer. 


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