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Non NHS Medical Services & Charges

The NHS does not pay for some of the services we provide. These include private sick notes, insurance forms, holiday cancellation forms, medical reports, fitness to travel certificates, private prescriptions, passport signing and some vaccination services. Our fees for these services, which are in line with BMA approved national guidelines, are displayed below:





Medical Examination £100..00 £20.00 £120.00

Forms and Certificates

Sick Certificate £17.50 Exempt £17.50
Any simple certificate £17.50 £3.50 £21.00
Shotgun Licence Certificate £28.00 £5.60 £33.60
Claim form for private treatment £28.00 £5.60 £33.60
Holiday Cancellation Form £28.00 £5.60 £33.60
Fitness to travel Certificate £28.00 £5.60 £33.60
Fitness to use Gym £11.66 £2.34 £14.00
NB We no longer offer a passport countersigning service      

Insurance Reports

PMA £100.00 Exempt £100.00
Supplementary PMA Report £28.00 Exempt £28.00
Medical Examination £115.00 Exempt £115.00

Medical Records

Computerised records access (30 minutes) £14.00   £14.00
Paper Copies of Records (*admin charge plus 50p each copy) £17.50*   £17.50*


Travel lnjections - VAT is not chargeable on these injections

Patients travelling abroad and needing vaccinations are advised to make an appointment with the practice nurse at least six weeks before their departure date. Please note that payment must be made in full before we can administer travel injections, carry out any tests or provide anti-malarial drugs . A small administration charge is included in the following:
Yellow Fever £53.00 per injection + £6.50 each for issue of Yellow or Exemption certificates
Hepatitis B

Course of injections for travel only (3) £111 - payment must made in full at start of course.

£40 per injection for adults and £20 per injection for children.

Antibody Test (MASTA) £32.00.

Blood Test (St Richards) £57.81 payable at time of testing. Cheques payable to St Richard’s Hospital.

Please note that we do not offer Hep B injections for occupational health purposes.

Rabies £62.20 GSK or £73.50 SANOFI per injection (Course of 3 required)
Meningitis ACWY £72 per injection (Course of 1)
Japanese Encephalitis £173 (per course of 2 injections)
Tickborne Encepaphalitis £120 (per course of 2 injections)
Malaria Malaria prophylaxis can be discussed and provided, as appropriate, at current market rates + VAT


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